A hernia is a defect in the connective tissue/muscle of the groin (inguinal hernias), the navel (umbilical hernias), the anterior abdominal wall (ventral hernias), and the site of a previous surgical incision (incisional hernias).  Through this defect, internal structures such as fatty tissue and even internal organs can protrude to the outside.

Hernias often cause pain that can get progressively worse and can severely affect a patient’s quality of life.  Left untreated, complications such as intestinal obstruction and strangulation (when the blood supply to an organ such as a loop of intestine gets cut off) may occur.

Dr. Ngo specializes in minimally invasive hernia surgery.  Using state-of-the-art surgical instruments including a surgical camera (laparoscope), Dr. Ngo is able to typically repair a hernia or multiple hernias in a patient using safe and proven hernia mesh through several small incisions.  The procedures typically last less than an hour and the vast majority of patients are able to go home the same day.  Other benefits of minimally invasive hernia surgery compared to conventional open hernia surgery include:

  • Less pain
  • No restriction of post-surgical activities
  • Shorter recovery periods
  • Patients with bilateral inguinal hernias can have both sides repaired through the same incisions used for a single-sided repair
  • Lower infection rates with laparoscopic umbilical/ventral/incisional hernia repairs

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